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Jay leads Eric up to his room. "Come inside, please?" He offers, opening the door to Eric.

He sheds his jacket and kicks off his boots. "Why don't you tell me what you want right now? No need to be embarrassed or worried."
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Jay leads Eric outside into the dark of the garden. He still smells of clean sweat and healthy human male. He shreds his jacket and nods towards a bench. "From the wrist okay with you? I know you prefer the throat but I can understand if that's too intimate for you."
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I parked the bike in the bushland next to houseboat not bother to chain it. The locals know me, know I’m a good person to have onside. I’ve never given them a reason to see what happens when I’m not onside, but I’m pretty sure they understand. Something about the scars, something about the way I holds myself, something about being a who I am in a place like this.

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There's a little grove, close enough to hear the party but private enough to not be heard. There' might already be a blanket spread out and waiting.

Jay pulls Emcee into the grove, pushing Emcee gently against a tree (can't damage those wings) and goes to his knees in front of him.
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Apologies for being flaky and useless lately.

Just a heads up, Jay will be throwing a Halloween beach party this weekend. Music, food, decorations, glow sticks, bonfire, the lot. Everyone one is invited.

Because of timezones and commitments, my plan is to throw it up early - Thursday midday-ish, Australian west coast time, and just let it run through. That way people can tag in whenever they like or can.

Looking forward to something fun and silly after my last couple of weeks of writing slump.

Questions, suggestions, complaints - throw them at me.
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Jay's room is large but simple. A big bed in one corner, a couch and TV in another. The rest of the room is workbenches and lockers except for a small kitchenette. The benches are covered in blueprints, sketches and tools. Small projects are set up on one side - a production line of small electrical components. There are a couple of closed doors off it, leading to other rooms.

Not that Jonathan will get much of a chance to look. Jay pushes him gently against the door and kisses him almost as soon as they're through it.
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Jay slips down the hood of his suit, letting the drones do one last sweep to makes sure everything is sealed. He doesn't take the bike this time but goes on foot, heading straight for the smaller nest of demon rabbits in the lower caves.

This version of the suit keeps his thermal signature down to ambulant and filters breath and sweat to keep his scent from being detected.

AU week

Aug. 9th, 2016 09:02 pm
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{from here}

Jay's room hasn't changed much. Even if it is a little tidier than usual. Blame it on the fact he hasn't been around much lately. Workbenches, gear lockers, couches, TV, bed. The bar has kindly added a private gym with some serious equipment in a room off to one side.

He reaches under a bench and clears out a couple of cardboard boxes for Rocky to play in. He finds a small greenish ovaloid hiding under one. "I thought you lot had grown out of camping in here?" He blows on the thing and it lights up, glittering like a giggle in lights. "Make yourself useful and keep an eye on the cat please? His name is Rocky."

The thing squeaks a sound almost like Rocky and buzzes over to investigate the cat.

Jay chuckles and unpacks the picnic, looking for his corkscrew. "That's a Hive Drone. In fact, that's one of the juveniles - George. He'll keep Rocky company." He gestures to the couch, "Make yourself at home."
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Jay opens the door into the deck of a small but serviceable boat. The living space is mostly made up of a canvas tented over the deck, like a big floating tent. A bed roll in the corner, a bench overlooking the water, an uncover area for cooking.

Nothing luxurious but comfortable enough for one or two.

Moored up a leafy tributary, they are surrounded by the jungle. Hot and humid and utterly peaceful. They could be the only humans on the planet.

"Hey you." Jay kisses her cheek. He looks better than he did last time she saw him- calmer in himself and with no new scars visible. Dressed down in shorts and not a lot else, he look comfortable here in this place.
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Encryption level one…



Encryption level two…



Encryption level three…


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{Following this}

Jay heard the blood in his veins, the beat of his heart, the rhythm of his breathing as he stepped into the arena.

All calm, all even.

Perfectly under control.

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Jay's room is very tidy, everything packed down and locked up. Apart from the suit hanging on a stand and the rack of guns set up and waiting.

Jay nods, welcoming Sherral in as he add the holster to the rack.
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Jay leads them into his room. It's comfortably large and mostly taken up by benches and a decadent looking bed.

He pulls a fold out massage table out from under a bench and starts wiping things down to create a clean space to work. "Ragnar, I think it's best you go first. Have you decided where you want the receiver?"
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Jay threw himself into the corner of the cell, pressing his back against the walls to make himself as secure as possible. Walls at his back meant no attack from behind, only in front and above. He knew, somewhere deep down that he was safe, that nothing could get at him inside the Baby but the rest of his mind was lost to the flood of Ivy’s pollen and Crane’s fear serum.

The nightmares started crowding in on him almost soon as the needle had touched his neck but he’d pushed them down, pushed them back for as long as he could. Every meditation technique, every scrap of self-control, every ounce of waning strength had got him here but now there was nothing left. No reserve.

The drug sped up his heart, sending the rush of fear and adrenaline through his whole mind. The images flashed and overlapped but not just images, the fear pervaded his senses, making everything realer than real.
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Some things go according to plan. And then some things don’t.

And in Jay’s experience, things usually don’t.

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Jay opens the door into a quiet back alley that could belong to any city - the lingering scent of garbage and the miss-matched colours where graffiti has been washed off or painted over. In the mid-afternoon chill of early spring, he takes Emcee's hand and leads him out into the street, pocketing the key. The sunlight is thin but warm and picks out the green swell of buds in the branches. The tree lined avenue is quiet this time of day. Not lacking in people but without rush, a lazy Saturday afternoon.
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Jay's room is it's usual mess of plans and projects with it's wide, comfortable bed. Jay pulls Sherral to him and kisses him slow and deep. It's a passionate kiss but more loving than needy. He's missed Sherral too.
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{from here}

Jay opens the door the key matches. It's not a dungeon (to Jay's relief) but it has a big sturdy bed with obvious mounting points, low rafters (with more mounting points} and a chest full of interesting toys. And straps and chains and stuff.

And an easy clean floor. And a nice bathroom.

Right then.
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[From here}

Jay gallops up the stairs, making horse noises as he carries Emcee into his room. "My liege."
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Jay let sleep overcome him after a particularly heated session with Eric.

Halfway through the night, the bed beside him dipped softly and a warm body slid in next to him – long and warm and carrying the scent of the desert at night.


It had been nearly three years subjectively since Ali died in Jay’s arms, an innocent victim in the conflict between Jay and the League of Shadows.

And yet that spicy sweet scent drew him back in an instant to his lover, dead only a few short days before the first time Jay came to the bar.

Jay refused to open his eyes, to risk losing this dream.

Ali’s voice is a soft rumble, like a lion. Jay’s Wobe was never very good when they were together and nor was Ali’s English but neither of them ever needed much in the way of words. Jay feels lips against his throat, Ali’s broad hands on his stomach.

This was their way. Jay had never let Ali’s status as HIV positive get in the way of their relationship, even if it was within parameters safe for them both.

He opened his eyes then, needing to see. It was Ali’s eyes he fell for first. So dark they were almost black but flecked with gold. Like looking up at the clear night’s sky and seeing it ablaze with stars. He had watched those stars go out but there they were, bright as a universe of light.

“Ali, I-“

Warm fingers touched his lips, hushing him gently before returning to exploring his body.

They made love slowly, sharing the unrushed passion of their last days together. In the afterglow, they laid in each other’s arms.

“I’ve missed you.” Jay whispered, kissing Ali’s hand, unable to look away those night-sky eyes. “I was so lost without you.”

Ali stroked his cheek and hushed him again, getting up to cast around the room. He returns with a photo album. He settled back into Jay’s arms, flicking through the photos there.

“Sherral. Eric. Alfred. Emcee.” Jay named his lovers as Ali hold up the photos. Not that he kept an album of his lovers and friends. That should have warned him that this was a dream but his mind didn’t want to dwell on that. Ali’s warmth in his arms felt real enough. “Autor, Rae, Gav, Charles, Jemma, William, James, Sam, Cy. Yeah, they’re all friends here.”

Ali turned to look him in the eye, stroking Jay’s cheek. His dark eyes seem to hold both a question and a point.

“I get it.” Jay nodded, running his hand through Ali’s short hair. “I’m not alone any more. When I lost you, I had no-one, but not anymore.” He kissed Ali’s neck, his throat. “That doesn’t mean I don’t miss you.”

Ali pushed Jay back down, looking him in the eyes again and shaking his head. “Famille” He whispers in the heavily accented French that served as a second language for much of the Ivory Coast.


Jay woke to the warm spicy scent still lingering on his sheets and skin. And a lightness in his heart.
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